Process Discovery and Mining

Process Discovery and Mining

Are we fast enough? 

End to End Prespective- Process X-Ray


Why Process Discovery & Mining?

  • Process Discovery and mining help you understand your business processes bottlenecks and issues by drawing a complete picture of all transactions using the data stored on ERP and through process observation by our professional team.
  • Process mining provides visibility into processes into what is happening within your enterprise systems such as ERP, CRM, and the like
  • Process mining is an analytical discipline for discovering, monitoring, and improving processes as they actually are (not as you think they might be), by extracting knowledge from event logs readily available in today's information systems
  • Process mining is used for creating a complete picture of current state processes

Digital Process Footprint



Get to know the invisible process in a fast and simple way

  •  Organizations are primarily interested in an improved “to be/ new” process, so often they have little interest in exploring “as is,” or how the process is currently performed.
  • Understanding the current process is critical to know whether it is worth investing in improvements, where performance problems exist, and how much variation there is in the process across the organization.
  • Process mining can help in understanding the current situation in a fast and affordable manner. 


- Digital footprint components

How about discovering the hidden and revealing reality?!

With Process mining, we can uncover what's hidden inside the process and ERP!  

Bottlenecks and constraints exist and need to be measured to be resolved

- We perform observation and use data in ERP as well for all transactions in selected processes

- We can run simulations to show the Process Bottlenecks

- Through process mining disconnects in the process can be highlighted. Showing the potential areas of improvement to enhance the process. That would lead to improvements in the level of service.


Compliance Issues can be addressed in a smart way

- Process mining can analyze a large amount of process data and can show the process at the transactional level, which helps in uncovering compliance issues

- Traditional internal control processes review samples only though it can be done fast and in a smarter way

- The approach is simple by e-auditing processes 


Make Your decision based on:
Data, facts, and figures.
The End-to-End KPI reporting

Execution is everything. It's not enough to just understand your business process but to actually take action.

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