KAPCI 4 year Lean Project Highlights

Symbios consulting is proud with its strategic project with KAPCI Coating an Egyptian Company striving towards Excellence and has deserved its world known reputation as key market leader in car refinish, wood coatings as well as industrial coatings. 

KAPCI COATINGS was established in 1985 in Kantara. In 2002 the company name was changed from “Kantara Paints and Chemical Industries” to KAPCI COATINGS and started the production in the new site in Port Said. 

 KAPCI COATINGS is the market leader and the largest producer in Egypt in Car Refinish Sector.

KAPCI COATINGS is the market leader and the largest producer in Egypt in Wood Coatings Sector.

Total production is 65,000 tons of paints and its ancillaries (2009)

The total area of the company is 170,000 sq. m.

Total Number of employees is 1500

KAPCI has started its Lean 20keys journey in 2013 and has participated in ODI Conference in South Africa in 2016. The journey entailed a repeated audit  and High Level Meetings where audit findings are communicated to a large group of employees , project key leaders and management. High level meetings have presented an opportunity to engage employees in setting SMART objectives, reward distinguished teams and celebrate success. 

“We are proud of our 20Keys LEAN Journey that has started in 2013 and every year in our high level meeting we realize the increasing level of maturity and commitment  to make our company a leading example in quality improvement as well as the increasing its capability of meeting changes of business; working smarter in reducing our cost , our waste , our production time. From the beginning, We’ve always been keen to involve as many as we can of our staff into the annual high level meeting to engage them, share results and achievements of the year and agree upon the objectives of the coming year. The key leaders shared their activities, challenges, successes in a transparent manner and thus I would like to thank the Project Manager Mr. Mohamed El Sayed and, Project Leader Eng. Ahmed El Agami and Project Assistant Leader Eng. Galhom as well as 20 Keys Leaders for such an excellent work" . Chairman of KAPCI, Mr. M. El Sayed commenting on the project during the High Level meeting in January 2017.


Eng. El Agami presented the visual evaluation results to the attendees, highlighting best results , Key Performance Indicators in 2016 , best business areas in 2016 and best ideas.

Highlights of the 20keys project phases and issues tackled.
 10 Keys launched to date, overall most of keys implemented in over 13 areas out of 20 reaching a percentage of over 80% in implementation.
 Best Achievers in 2016 was all Quality Control department labs and Application and Color Matching Department. Among other divisions best achievers were Filling C, Mill B, A and Raw Materials exceeding 80% rate of implementation.
 Production Increased by 20% while Lead production time decreased by 24%
 Right First time batches reached 90% , products returned by clients decreased by 20%
 The factory and office became more organized using color coding and demarcation among many bright ideas developed by Kapci competent staff


1. Sharing results in a transparent way
2. Discuss challenges, solutions, where we want to be?
3. Set our objectives
4. Recognize our competent people and celebrate success
5. Get energized for the future.

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