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Excellence is the opposite of mediocrity! To excel means to surpass, transcend & exceed. There is nothing more satisfying than the feeling of success & recognizing that you have completed a job well done. This feeling was shared among the present parties from Edita, Rich Bake and Sakr Company on the 14th of October 2010 at the IMC Federation.

Head Office (Industrial Modernization Center) This meeting was to discuss and share the success stories of each of the mentioned companies and demonstrate each presentation of the carried out projects that were implemented within the companies.


Engineer Wael Abdel Hamid discussed the implementation of the 20 keys within Edita Foods. With the well organized presentation, he demonstrated how each key was professionally applied in the company. “To implement Key 1 (Cleaning & Organizing) we had a cleaning system in place, a number of safety signs placed, color codes written in the manual & we made sure that there are regular mini-business audits. As for Key 2 (Goal alignment) Edita already had a system (Individual Operation Plan) to align CEO strategic directions with all Managers. Key 2 helped to align these objectives with all employees through:

1) MLM Meetings.

2) Company mission & vision.

3) Awarding 3 model boards.

4) One action plan per MBA (Mini Business Area).

5) Regular MBA visits done by plant manager & site development leader.

6) Regular review of SIPOC.

7) Regular review of QCDSM goals (Quality, Cost, Delivery, Safety, Morale).

Key 3 (Small group activities) was also one of the keys that were implemented in Edita. “How many ideas are generated per year? How many projects are made within every MBA?” these questions were one of the concerns that Engineer Wael discussed and continued to explain how Key 3 is very useful for team work, problem solving and manage and encourage creativity among employees.

The implementation of keys 5, 9, 11, 12, 13, 15 & 17 were also a complete success and was one of the main reasons behind the development and high productivity Edita is in

Mr. Youssef Khashaba, HR Manager at Modern Bakeries shared with the present parties the benefits of applying strategy & performance management within the company. “Departments Corporation, goal alignment as well as future improvement are a few of the many benefits we have attained during the implementation of the project.”


Ms. Amira Salem then took the floor to discuss the advantages and improvements witnessed in Modern bakeries after the implementations of 20 keys. “The success rate of the 20 keys wouldn’t have been complete without the support and commitment that top management has shown us throughout the project.”


But nothing spelt persistence more than Sakr Company! Mr. Mohamed Salem shared the process of applying the project, which started 2 years ago. “We started off with key 1, 2 & 3 and proceeded with the remainder of the 10 keys shortly” as Mr. Mohamed stated. “The company’s main vision is to improve the long term sustainable competition market share & profitability of Business by focusing on productivity & quality”.


Mr. Johan Benadie, Managing Director at Organization Development International (ODI) and who was present during the food tender closing was very impressed and satisfied with the great accomplishments and development that he has witnessed during his stay. 

“I visited the companies twice this year, and the system and the culture of the companies are becoming much stronger. Level 3 is a very high level to reach; you must show characteristics that are applied all over the world. Performance can be judged in level 3.” 

“I saw the level of knowledge and understanding of the Key Leaders & Management and which increased rapidly. I was extremely happy to see how the employees acted when I visited Edita, and that is the kind of success we are seeking. We want all people to participate in the projects because the result of a business is caring and developing your people while developing your society. If we look at the companies I visited I was extremely impressed by the eagerness everyone has shown to understand, learn and develop.”

“There was extremely good improvement at Rich Bake over the last 6 months. Sakr Company would have faced some difficulty to improve from level one but I was surprised to see a lot of drive. I have a good feeling that there will be more improvement and financial benefits will then be seen. Thank you for your support and please continue this journey of success and I would like to thank Symbios Consulting for the effort and help that they have provided”.


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