Supply Chain Assessment Tools

Supply Chain Assessment Tools


The first challenge you will have when you decide to improve/digitalize/put a new strategy for your supply chain is how and where to start!
Symbios will help you to figure out how and where to start and map the road map for your improvement/ SC digitalization / new SC strategy
First, you need to know to what extent is your supply chain organized, the maturity level of your supply chain, and how much you spend on your supply chain management, to figure out the overall cost needed to run your supply chain.

  • The questions to answer during the assessment are: “How are we doing?” and “How much do we want to improve?”
  • Assessing the current state of a process and determining the goal of the improvement initiative can be accomplished by comparing to other organizations’ performance as a “benchmark”
  • Various KPIs such as the SCOR ® metrics provide a basis for assessing current performance and target goals
  • There are process benchmarks that describe the qualities that makeup process excellence. As an example, we’ll look at the Oliver Wight supply chain checklist











Spend analysis is the process of identifying, gathering, cleansing, grouping, categorizing, and analyzing your organization’s spend data. This is done with the goal of decreasing procurement costs and improving efficiencies by increasing visibility and transparency. Using real-time data and analytics gives you the insight you need to save money and gain efficiency.

Spend analysis is just one piece of the much larger field of spend management. It is used to visualize all your data so you can make better sourcing and supplier decisions. Additionally, it can also help with improving contract compliance, reducing cycle times, and uncovering maverick spend.


DSCAT "Digital Supply Chain Readiness Assessment Tool"

 Digital Supply Chain Model


DSCAT Questions

Business Models, Product & Service PortfolioHow would you rate the contribution of digital features, products & services to the overall value creation of your portfolio?

  1. No contribution - Value is generated solely with the sales of physical products and product-related services (e.g. traditional maintenance)
  2. Business Models, Product & Service PortfolioHow important is the usage and analysis of data (customer data, product or machine-generated data) for your business model?
  3. Business Models, Product & Service PortfolioHow intense is your collaboration with partners, suppliers, and clients for the development of products and services?
  4. Value Chains & ProcessesHow would you rate the degree of the digitization of your vertical value chain (from product development to production)?
    digital sc planning
  5. Market & Customer AccessHow far do you integrate multiple channels (website, blogs, forums, social media platforms, etc.) into your customer interactions for communicating news, receiving feedback, managing claims, etc.?
  6. To which extent do you use multiple integrated sales channels to sell your products to your customers?
  7. Market & Customer AccessHow advanced is the digital enablement of your sales force (mobile devices, access to all relevant systems anywhere and anytime, full sales process possible at client site)?
    consumer-centric "the new path to purchase"
  8. Market & Customer AccessHow dynamic and customer-tailored is your pricing system (consideration of customer's "willingness to pay“)?
    consumer-centric "the new path to purchase"
  9. Market & Customer AccessHow far do you collaborate with partners regarding your approach of accessing customers (exchange of customer insights, coordination of marketing activities, etc.)?
    consumer-centric "the new path to purchase"
  10. Market & Customer AccessTo which extent do you analyze customer data to increase customer insight (e. g. personalized offers to customers based on their personal situation, preferences, location, credit score; consideration of usage data for design & engineering, etc.)?
    consumer-centric "the new path to purchase"
  11. Value Chains & ProcessesHow would you rate the degree of the digitization of your vertical value chain (from product development to production)?
  12. Value Chains & ProcessesTo which extent do you have a real-time view on your production and can dynamically react to changes in demand?
    Digital planning
  13. To which degree do you have an end-to-end IT-enabled planning and steering process from sales forecasting, overproduction to warehouse planning and logistics?
  14. Value Chains & ProcessesHow advanced is the digitization of your production equipment (sensors, IoT connection; digital monitoring, control, optimization & automation)?
    Smart manufacturing IIOt
  15. Value Chains & ProcessesHow would you rate the degree of digitization of your horizontal value chain (from customer order over the supplier, production, and logistic to service)?


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