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Following the kick off meeting late December where communication of LEAN project and its objectives, phases and aspired results took place, a visit made by Mr.  Christian from Symbios Team in South Africa in January 2017.

He toured the new chips factory and attended a set of meetings with representatives of Production, Quality, Maintenance, Quality Assurance, Warehouses, Production Planning, Raw Material , Sales , Purchases , Costing departments, etc..  Each department provided its data for study and analysis which concluded by agreeing on keys 1,2and 3 out of the 20 Keys. The factory has been split into 13 unit to facilitate cascading tasks and jobs.   

Week I :  

* 24th January 2017 : Symbios team; Eng. Shereen Mosallam and Eng. Niveen and Egypt Foods LEAN Champions Dr. Eman Kabil, Eng. Eslam Fekry and Eng. Amr Mandour along with the production team in new chips factory on proposed work plan by Mr. Christian. Plan was revised and agreed upon and leaders of keys 1,2 and 3 were assigned.  

* 1st February 2017, Top Management represented in Mr. Mohamed Bar, Mr. Khaled Shokri, Mr. Adel Mestkawy, Dr. Eman Kabil, Eng. Eslam Fekry , Eng. Amr Mandour met with Symbios Team; Eng. Shereen Mosallam, Eng. Niveen Al Demerdash, Eng. Ammar where gap analysis report was discussed and proposed work plan as well as the names of leaders of keys 1,2 and 3 , working teams names for endorsement.  

* 5th February 2017, first drill on key1 was conducted under the supervision of Eng. Ammar from Symbios to 23 trainees from the new chips factory and other factories . 

1.Cleaning and Organising to Make Work Easy

2.Rationalising the System / Goal Alignment

3.Small Group Activities

4.Reducing Work-in-Process

5.Quick Changeover Technology

6.Kaizen of Operations

7.Zero Monitor Manufacturing / Production

8.Coupled Manufacturing / Production

9.Maintaining Machines and Equipment

10.Workplace Discipline

11.Quality Assurance

12.Developing your Suppliers

13.Eliminating Waste

14.Empowering Employees to Make Improvements

15.Skill Versatility and Cross Training

16.Production Scheduling

17.Efficiency Control

18.Using Information Systems

19.Conserving Energy and Materials

20.Leading Technology / Site Technology  

 Week II  

* 7th February 2017, first training on key 2 led by Eng. Ammar and Eng. Niveen with a total no of attendees 26 . 

* 12th February 2017, second training on key 1by Eng. Ammar attended by new chips trainees  

* 14th February 2017, second training on key 2 by Eng. Ammar and Eng. Niveen from Symbios , attended by new chips trainees as well as trainees from other factories. Total no of 20 Attendees—Lean Training   

Week IV  

* Implementation of Keys 1& 2 on sorting and organizing has resulted of better demarcation , bigger storage capacity and clear desk an easier to retrieve data.

* Overall Implementation steps: 1. Check , 2. Analyze, 3. Plan, 4. Do. 

Cleaning & Organising 5 S to make your job easier!  1- Sort     2- Set in order    3- Shine    4- Standardize     5- Sustain 

5 S in the 20 Keys programme is not something imposed on you, but something that helps you because these tools make your job simple and easy.  The first step is to build company-wide common understanding and then to steadily climb from level 1 to level 5.  5S is the basis of productivity improvement as it links with the other Keys included in the programme.  During the course of its implementation, you may also see improvement in the other Keys.  This is due to the linkage effect between all the Keys, which in turn is an indication of adequate spreading of 5S throughout the workplace.  5S makes your work easier and more meaningful. 

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