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5 Day Training Program for Maintenance Team and Procurement and Supply chain concerned improving supply chain for spare parts, Score Model, KPIs, planning and inventory management, safety stock and different forecasting techniques that can be applied in any Supply Chain. At the end there was a celebration attended by a number of managers too.

Organizational Development Department Manager; Mr. Nabil Abbas Abo Reda, said he’s proud to have Eng. Shereen as our trainer as she’s competing with worldwide experts not only Egyptian or Arab experts working in this field, thus he intends to replicate this training to other department to gain more benefits from the knowledge of Eng. Shereen Sallam.

The Training Manager Mr. Mohamed Ghozlan and Mr. Fady Joseph ; Senior Training Specialist were impressed with the LMS and new technology implemented by Symbios.
Trainees enjoyed the * Beer Game, learnt many forecasting techniques over only 5 days, found the program practical and learnt a lot how to improve and reduce spare part stock and increase supply chain efficiency in Ezz Steel .

The beer distribution game (also known as the beer game) is an experiential learning business simulation game created by a group of professors at MIT Sloan School of Management in early 1960s to demonstrate a number of key principles of supply chain management. The game is played by teams of at least four players, often in heated competition, and takes at least one hour to complete. A debriefing session of roughly equivalent length typically follows to review the results of each team and discuss the lessons involved.
The purpose of the game is to understand the distribution side dynamics of a multi-echelon supply chain used to distribute a single item, in this case, cases of beer.

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