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Aftersales Professional Program EXPECTATIONS FROM THIS COURSE More Harmonized, Responsive, Agile Teams “Fiat Chrysler Merger took place 3 years ago and we’ve implemented many processes however; we found that we need to focus more on the most valuable asset which is “Our People”. Due to many business changes, we faced a relatively high turnover and it became evident that we need to enhance the mindset of our existing managers, motivate them and enable them to cope with the changes governing such a robust and dynamic market as automotive. Moreover, it became evident that we have to ensure that our top dealers and service centers comply with the company standards and align their objectives to FCA objectives for better harmonized and more agile and responsive team .

As Symbios has strong and long reputation in LEAN and Six Sigma among other tools they use for improving production and quality of top organizations that we through our development team, worked on customizing a comprehensive program to compliment company other programs in creating an ambitious change process through 2017.“ Eng. Emad El Shorbary” Senior Manager Aftersales & Network Development Eng. Emad took part in Tuesday 28th March session to enrich the program by bringing in a leadership perspective and explaining company strategy and objectives and having an interactive session with senior managers and dealers. INITIAL FEEDBACK AFTER IMPLEMENTING 1ST MODULE

• Korolos Magdy - After Sales Manager, El Nile Agent in Alexandria I found the course unique as the basis is Six Sigma and integrating aftersales, Chrysler is integrating its practical case studies, content and trainers are excellent. Session with Eng. El Shorbagy and the one run by Eng. Shereeen Mossallam are added value to the program. My only remark that I was hoping that for a pre-assessment prior to the course and one post the course to realize the level of improvement achieved. It would also help in bringing people of the same level of knowledge together. However this is the first program of its kind in Automotive and very powerful in terms of content, trainers and practicality.

• Ayman Radwan, Training Manager Technical Support Following the merge that took place 3 years ago, we noticed change in customer mode and perceptions, so we aimed to enhance capabilities of our dealers with regard to knowledge, guidelines, standards, management style to serve the customer meeting customer satisfaction. First Module are for key persons and senior managers , dealer developers, covering automotive, finance, 6 sigma and customized according to Chrysler standards. So far, very positive feedback thus encouraging us to consider 2nd wave targeting.
• Mohamed Sabry, Development Manager in FCA. Joined FCA 5 years ago but in Automotive Business for over 18 years. One of our main objectives: change the mindset and management way, become key leader in automotive industry in Egypt focusing on our people. Aftersales professional program aims to unify our language with the optimum goal of reaching client satisfaction. So far, I’m pleased with the program and it complements with many other initiatives we are taking through our FCA network.
• Amr Essam, Service Manager Abu Ghali , Obour Main Headquarters, joined FCA one year ago and previously worked with Mercedes for almost 10 years. We’ve carried out a SWOT analysis that revealed areas of improvement in Quality, Asset Management, and Safety Management as key areas that require improvement. Customer Journey Mapping was an excellent session or eye opener to avoid down time and maintain good performance all the time. The program is practical and align units together to maintain high performance levels.
• Mr. Borhan Acting as Service Manager - Ezz El Arab,, Ex Chrysler from 2004 left in 2007 to join Volvo and rejoined FCA back again in 2017. As a Chrysler employee we as organization been through many changes and lost some of our top calibers thus the management has taken many steps to implement processes not only to maintain good performance practices but also to involve and motivate people. The program is very good so far of high quality in content and practicality to help us rearrange and structure all our activities according to FCA standards through regular meetings.
• Galal Ezzat, Arab American Vehicles in 2008, worked as Trainer, Technical Support, and Dealers I found the program excellent, focuses on tools to assess performance and how to improve it. Program interval as once a week gives room to process the information and try to implement what we learnt. I’m very exciting to transfer this knowledge to my 5 direct reports whom I meet on weekly or daily basis to promote best practices within our unit.
  Hesham Abdelrahman – Automotive Division Director – El Nile Engineering Agent JEEP, FIAT Chrysler, LODGE “Excellent course starting with assessing our strengths and weaknesses with the SWOT analysis, then we set by ourselves the suitable action plan. It helps us unify our language and seek better customer satisfaction and implement best standards to achieve our goal as key leader in Automotive Industry in Egypt.

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